Swan & Butterfly #5

The unexpected sequence I shot of a Trumpeter Swan interacting with a butterfly is probably my favorite photo event of 2022. This is the frame that I liked most in the sequence. I was pleasantly surprised by the level of detail in the butterfly!

If you search for “Swan & Butterfly” you can find the whole 15 frame sequence that I posted in Avian Showcase. If you view the large version of the first image you can then hit the right arrow and cycle through them. It’s almost like a small video clip :wink:

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback is always appreciated.

Technical Details

Sony a6500, FE200600G @ 600mm (900m w/crop factor), ISO-200, f/6.3, 1/4000, hand held. Removed a couple small branches at the edge of the water in the upper right corner.


I love this, Gary. Wow, what a great capture. Sensational.

Gary, this to me is all about the butterfly. Thankfully it had it’s wings spread out in a banking maneuver providing an excellent view of it. Not to take anything from the swans, but I’m sure they did not mind being slightly upstaged by the flying intruder here… :sunglasses:

Outstanding detail, color, and setting. The interaction is wonderful. Nice butterfly. Perhaps an entry into the wildlife comedy competition?

I wouldn’t be too sure about that, Paul! The swan even snapped at the butterfly just before I started shooting! :astonished:

Love this shot also, Gary. I can certainly see why this is one of your favorites of 2022. Very nicely done.

Beautiful capture, Gary! I just found your whole sequence, which is amazing! I had no idea that a butterfly would still be around in the snow! They look like they are communicating in some way! Maybe the swan is telling it to get to migrating already! Thanks for sharing this.

Right place, right time. Gotta love it, Gary. And, the bird is looking at the butterfly. Incredible interaction. I love the setting of this image as well. I can feel the chill.

Fantastic!!! Such an amazing occurrence and very well photographed and presented! I missed seeing the sequence before – I’m glad you mentioned it here so I had the chance to enjoy it!

Definitely a great wildlife interaction catch, Gary. My first thought was that the swan probably wasn’t interested in the butterfly, but your description shuts that idea down.

Mark; you really can’t tell for sure from the single image but if you go to the 15 frame post in Avian Showcase the connection between the two becomes obvious.