The beginning of a colorful day

Every where I go in my surroundings is color at this time of the year.

Specific Feedback Requested

All feedback is more than welcome.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No

nikon D850, f16, -2.67, Iso 100, lens 70-200 at155mm

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Wow Ben. The colors in the sky perfectly match the colors in the flower fields. You are very lucky to have such beautiful flowers to photograph. At first I thought that the image was a little bit tilted counter clockwise but I think that’s just an optical illusion because of the flower rows growing at an angle. I just love the atmosphere in the sky that you captured. Just a very small suggestion would be to try and soften the transitions in the colors in the sky. It looks like there is a little bit of banding going on but I’m not sure what you can do with it. Maybe Negative clarity or even negative dehaze.
Anyway, just a beautiful image Ben.

Lovely pastorale scene, Ben. I agree that the color of the sky complements the field well. My only suggestion would be to work the lens flare in the field. It is minor so I imagine a slight tweak to the white balance or color in that area would even it out. Thanks for sharing!

@Adam_Bolyard , @David_Haynes Thank you for the comments on this image . David, I think the banding that you see is the rain . Adam ,you had a good eye for that small lens flare. I did repair it in this rework. Hope you like this one better.


I didn’t mind the lens flare. It amplifies the feeling and the vibe that the visible sun gives. A wash of warmth and rejuvenation somehow. It was subtle and not overwhelming so … up to you to keep or kill. I’ve only been to the Netherlands once and didn’t see the countryside much (alas) so your photos make me wish I had, but please keep sharing them.

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Thumbs up on your rework, although I can’t hardly see the lens flare in the original large image, just the thumbnail. The bands of color are great.

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The vivid colours here look great. This is quiet different from your winter fog work.

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That really is a riot of color; quite a palette. On my monitor the flowers are a bit soft. This would really sing if they were a bit sharper.

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