The Distance Between

All wet is right! It was pouring in Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve, LA when I spent a couple of days there in March 2019. I thought I might be able to wait it out under a tree since I knew they were passing showers only. I took this shot of the boardwalk with the rain coming down. The Lumix G9 is weather sealed and had no problem. I was wearing GoreTex so I was ok, too, but enough was enough and eventually I dashed back to the Visitors’ Center until it passed.

Specific Feedback Requested

I have processed this in many different ways and this is my darker version - I think it fits the rainy situation better than having it be as bright as it actually was during the downpour. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Lumix G9
Lumix G Vario 12-35mm f/2.8 @ 12mm (24mm equiv.)
f/7.1 | 1/30 sec. | ISO 200

Lr processed to crop off some distracting sky, manage highlights, shadows, color channel & overall clarity and texture - those I reduced in the foliage with a couple of graduated filters. Used the local adjustment brush to highlight the walkway and to reduce exposure in the upper areas where the trees get thin. Ps to remove a distraction and to add a curves layer for some mid-tones boost.


@Kris_Smith , this is a deliciously wet scene! Although I can’t compare this to other edits you considered, I think the darker processing fits the scene perfectly. Rain is mostly a moody and dark thing for me, so it fits here. I really like the reflection of the sky on the walkway too. I’m glad the GoreTex kept you in good stead!

Looks wet and slippery, Kris. The variety of green tones shows very well in the rain. It looks like a fun exploration heading off down that boardwalk.

Thanks guys. It was coming down for sure. The boardwalks are extensive since there’s no other way to get around except by boat. It’s one of the only places to ‘hike’ near New Orleans.

Wet indeed! This looks like you were in a tropical rain forest, Kris. Your darker processing looks just fine to me and fits the mood perfectly IMO. You also handled the highlights on the boardwalk beautifully as they look very natural. I particularly like the greens here.

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