The fire last time

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This is a straight uncropped raw file with minimal tonal adjustments, shot from our deck a month ago as a lightning-started wildfire raged 20 miles west of us, and another 20 miles east. It was about an hour before sunset. The color is as it appeared, with a tomato soup sun that you could look straight at. 560mm on a full-frame sensor.

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Diane, this is quite the “scene”, when you can point your camera right at the sun, fire away and have nothing overexposed. The subtle textures in the sky are nice. Here’s hoping that this is one for the memory books and not a regularly recurring event… (sadly, I don’t think that will be true). PS, it helps me make you weekly editor’s pick if you use this week’s challenge tag, so I’ve change that.

Thanks Mark – it won’t be the last. There were several days you couldn’t see a hint of the sun, not even a brighter area of sky. And thanks for adding the tag – I’ll learn my way around eventually.

Really well done, taking advantage of horrific conditions to produce a fine minimalist abstract.