The Guardian

This oak tree is estimated to be over 350 years old. It spans nearly 150 ft across and stands over 80 ft tall.

Technical Details

Composite: No
D850, Tokina 17-35 @ 17mm, 720 Nano IR filter, ISO 200, 6 sec, f/8

Killed all the color in Nik’s SEP2, gave it a darks mask to lift the shadows and a lights mask to tone down some of the brightest brights.

OMG this is massive! I could tell even in the thumbnail on my phone because of the railing you included in the composition, which gives a great sense of scale.
What a beautiful web of branches you’ve positioned in your frame.

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This is an amazingly dramatic (and large) tree, where your IR filter give great heft to the massive, convoluted trunk while the glowing sky and leaves make a fine contrast.

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