The guardian

A local cemetery has a lot of old interesting trees. I see a guardian with arms upraised in this one.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 5D IV; 5.6; 1/200th; ISO 250; -2/3; 24/70 @ 24; WB auto


This is indeed a very fine, gnarly trunk with upraised “arms”. The sense of guarding is nicely clear. I see a long face with very shaggy eyebrows towards the top in the middle arm, so this is probably an Ent that just didn’t move for you… :wink:

Neat juxtaposition on this with the giant trunk and the tiny little branches coming off the top of it. This tree could well be used in a Halloween movie. Fitting for a cemetery. Also reminds me of the movie character Groot!

@Mark_Seaver Perhaps an Ent. Every time I looked away I sensed something was changing. I’d look back and what do you know still the same. @David_Haynes I had not thought of Groot, but great observation. Thanks both for the comments.