The Valley

Happy Holidays to all at NPN. Remain safe during this busy time of the year.

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Beautiful classic view! Happy Holidays, Paul!

Happy Holidays, Paul! Beautiful, classic, snowy, tunnel view scene. I love it.

Definitely a great view and happy holidays to you too! :slight_smile:

@linda_mellor @Harley_Goldman @David_Haynes @Tom_Nevesely Thank you for the review and comment. This was from the archives. I was lucky to capture this. I was here with my 4x5 one day before my scheduled meet up with Lon Overacker and Chris Chamberlain. The next day when we met here the snow was almost all gone.
Have a wonderful and safe holiday… :disguised_face:


Paul, the snow and the clouds are special additions to an iconic scene. Love the atmospherics here… Best wishes for the holidays and beyond to you.

Hey Mark, thanks for the comment here. The best to you and be safe out there.
btw: I did try to update the WC tag to 1068 but could not make the change. Anyway, not sure if that can be updated or not… :sunglasses:

Paul, I just tried to reset the tag and the system couldn’t find 1068 either. I’ll send the problem “upstairs”…

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Hey Paul, Happy Holidays to you as well. This is an outstanding image and one I’ve longed to take myself. Just never had the right opportunity or conditions. Well done.

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