The Wizard

Known as the Wizard nebula (I don’t see it no matter how I rotate it?)
A small nebula in the constellation Cepheus done in the Hubble palette colors.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments appreciated.

Technical Details

12 hours of imaging over 4 nights in the last week in my Portland Oregon back yard.
Asi533 color camera, Askar 600mm scope (1620mm effective focal length)
39-20 minute images stacked in Astropixel. PP in Capture, Pixinsight, Affinity, Photoshop.


I don’t see the Wizard either, Dan!
This is beautiful anyway. What is the Hubble palette?

Hi Dan. I can’t say I understand at all the work that goes into getting one of these deep space object shots, but it looks fantastic. Very nice work.

Very nice detail on an interesting object! In the time scale of the universe, you should enter one of these in the Stopped Action weekly challenge. It’s awesome to think what it would look like in a time lapse over several billion years.