The Zone Scale

A closeup of a very large western sycamore tree. Located in the Santa Rosa Plateau. It seem to cover most of the Zone Scale from Black to Grey to White.
Not much to add beyond this was a quiet Sunday morning and I was taking my time until a skunk in the area was spraying everyone he did not like. I was lucky, he apparently liked photogs and left me alone…:clown_face:

Mamiya RB67 ProSD - Mamiya 140mm macro - Hoya CP - Velvia 50

This a really fun and curious abstract, Paul. I would have never thought it to be organic. Looks more like a weird mineral aggregate of some sort. What’s interesting to me is that the circular portion adds a degree of interest to break up the random patterns elsewhere, and it’s position is well balanced for the 6x7 aspect. As an option my only suggestion would be maybe bringing up the exposure at the bottom corners a hair to match the rest. This is a good entry for the Challenge.

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Another natural abstract with varied shapes, textures and tones that you’ve presented beautifully. Although I’ve seen and photographed many sycamore designs, this one seems to have much more detail and texture than most. Thanks for posting it.

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Paul: What makes a great abstract for me is the mystery of scale and substance. I’m not sure I would have ever guessed the subject matter and there is no obvious sense of scale. Really well seen and presented. >=))> :+1::clap::+1:

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Fascinating Paul! My very first impression? How about a 3,000-piece puzzle! That could keep a good puzzle master busy for weeks I would think! :grin:

Terrific nature abstract. I recognized it as sycamore, but the variety of color and patterns is amazing.

Very minor suggestion, but I was thinking the yellow near the center was a little strong, relative to the other tones and saturation. Minor thought.

Lastly - is that an embedded acorn on the right?

Nice entry to the WC.


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Lon, that is an acorn I believe. I’ve also seen a couple leaves embedded here and there too. I have no idea how or where that process could have come about…:thinking:
This was an outing I will never forget. For all the years and outings in the field this one had a start of a negative impact that turned positive and actually hilarious in the end. All as a result of a funny little skunk…:clown_face:

Great looking abstract. Looks slightly bright on my screen, but minor.

Who did the skunk spray? Humans or 4-legged friends?

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Harley, it was a four legged kind. It was a hoot. After he nailed two folks who did not pay on the honor system, I saw them not pay, at the SRP reserve entrance he came right by me too. Watching him stroll along and sniffing at the brush on the trail was so cool.

Thanks as always for the comment.

Paul, this looks like a puzzle. It’s a wonderfully detailed look at Sycamore bark with the remains of an old knot hole acting as a center of interest. Lots of fine details, shapes, and subtle colors. Quite a find.

I’ve had a skunk walk under a picnic table that I was sitting on top of. To no one’s surprise I sat VERY still until it got 30 feet away as it explored.

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Very cool!

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I feel as though it’s looking back at me.

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