Tidal View

This is a very old 10 photo stitched panorama taken with a 5 mp Sony fixed lens camera. I shot it from the shoulder of the highway just before you enter Valdez, Alaska new townsite.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: Yes
The tide was going out and the water was flowing toward the bay from the other side of the road through a culvert where I was standing. The seagulls were feeding on something in the water exiting the culvert and they were riding the current out, then flying back to the culvert in a repetitive loop. I waited until a seagull was in the right spot on the way back and shot that frame first. Then I shot the rest of the frames to complete the panorama. The photos were pretty noisy so it required quite a bit of noise reduction. I recently re-processed the panorama using Topaz’s latest ai noise reduction and it really helped maintain some image quality in the parts that count.

The camera was a Sony DSC-F707 and the AutoPanoPro stitching software didn’t keep the EXIF data and my archives of the original photos are buried pretty deep so I don’t have that information.


@Gary_Minish This is really a beautiful image. I love the color, with the white mountains and ground, the beautiful scenery, and the element of the gull in the sky.

Wow it’s so majestic. The colors are creamy and the light to die for. The texture in the ice adds yet another dimension. Great job.

Gary, looks great! You placed that seagull perfectly. The light, the mountain, and the water come together beautifully.

Gary, great job! It is a beautiful scene with beautiful colors.

This is the kind of panorama that I love and aspire to. Very well done!