Tilting back camera using new technology

I was looking at the new Canon mirrorless camera this morning and noted that it in camera image stabilization. It occurred to me that if they camera manufacturers are already moving the sensor for image stabilization, it might be possible to provide manual controls allowing the photographer to deliberately tilt the sensor the way some of the old plate cameras allowed one to tilt the back with respect to the lens. I’m sure the range of motion would have to be far greater than that for stabilization, but it seems like something that could be done. I know the old bird photographers that did most of their shooting at nests used it a lot to get the nest, bird and background all in focus.

Just a thought and I don’t know what method they use to move the sensor, so it might not even be feasible, but I thought I’d toss it out to see if anyone else would find this interesting.

Users of Pentax dslr’s have been implementing this method for years as image stabilization has been a feature of these cameras. Not as versatile as a standard tilt shift lens, but can achieve desirable results for landscape or architectural images. If Canon does not have this feature, it might be provided with future versions of the camera’s operating system…Jim

Thanks, Jim. I’d figured someone should have thought of it, but the techies can sometimes miss things like that.