Too Close?

Male Bufflehead at min. focal length…
D500, 700mm (500 w/ 1.4), f8, 1/1000, iso400

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Too close? Not when you show such excellent detail and colors. Nice pose and the water is nice as well. And a nice low angle.

I agree with @Allen_Brooks about the great deal and water. You have captured a wonderful pose. This guy is a real model. Nice reflection in the foreground too.

Yes, this is a nice detailed view of this Bufflehead but I think it could be even better if there was a tad more room on the right side for the duck to look into and if the background above the beak was a little more out of focus. I don’t know if you can do anything with this image, like throw a tilt shift blur in the background. This is one of the limitations of the 500 PF with an extender. You just can’t get less depth of field. In my monitor, I’m trying to convince myself I’m not seeing a very faint blue cast in the white shaded plumage on the right side of the bird. Yeah I was a little hard on you. Nice shot.

Thanks Dave, no problem, I appreciate the review. I agree on the limitations of F8 as far as bokeh,
but sometimes you get nice DOF on the bird, not this case as I was just too close.
This was shot at a new area near town, an excellent Duck pond if you get down this way.

Nice close up of the bufflehead. I don’t think it too close although I like David’s suggestion of a bit more room on right side. There is something about the whites on the bottom that seem a bit off to me. You would have a better idea with the larger files and from taking the photo. There may be a bit of blue and may be naturally a bit greyer than the top. Well done on the exposure and the photo really gives a good idea of the amount of color in a black and white bird.

Beautiful detail and exposure Dan. I guess aesthetically a touch more room would improve it but closeups like these are often used in publications etc and I think the comp works well enough as presented.

This works well as presented, Dan. As Nate noted, it all depends on what you want to use the image for. This would make a wonderful illustration in a book or magazine.

Great photo Dan, the position on the shot was great