Traversing Thompson

Hiking above Thompson Pass, Alaska with Reina looking back to see what’s taking me so long :slight_smile:
Sony a6300, SEL1670Z @ 16mm, ISO-100, f/8.0, 1/400, hand held.

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Gary, the eye movement here is outstanding. My eyes zig-zag from the dog and bright lichen patch, to the dark pool, along the small pools to the distant lake, then to the sunlit valley and ridge in the distance. The sky is also lovely.

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Another great image of Thompson Pass. A suggested title would be Born Free. I would do a small crop from the left and from above. The colors look great and it’s rich in tonal variability.

Another beautiful piece of mountain scenery, Gary. I really like the flow of this image from the foreground to the background. Even that bit of mist in the valley adds a line that takes ones eyes into the clouds.