Tripod for Fujifilm XT3

I am loving my new Fujifilm XT-3 camera! I would like to get a lightweight but sturdy tripod, especially for hiking around. Any recommendations? My fuji lenses are lightweight (for now) and I have a beefy tripod that I can always use if needed.

My lightweight tripod is the Really Right Stuff TFC-14:

It isn’t cheap but it is extremely sturdy and lightweight (2.5 lb) and the legs lock easily and firmly. They are also easy to disassemble for cleaning. With the BH-30 ballhead it is 20" long – wonderful for packing and hiking.

I have an X-T2 and have been using a Sirui travel tripod for hiking and backpacking for years. I believe this is the current version of the tripod I use.

This is always going to be a tradeoff, as I’m sure you know, and the balance between what is light enough and what is sturdy enough is going to be different for everyone. :slight_smile: Personally, I am willing to compromise a bit on “sturdiness when fully extended” in order to have something that is lightweight, and for me, the Sirui tripod fits the bill. It’s small enough to fit in an average sized backpack, light enough that it won’t weigh you down on longer hikes, and surprisingly sturdy for its size and weight.

It’s on backorder, but you could consider the Colorado Tripod Company, you would want the series 2 which is very sturdy and fairly small.

Hey Jean! I shoot an XT3 as well and opted for the 3 Legged Thing Ray. Caveat: I am still relatively new and don’t have a comparison, but it’s super light and packs down small. It’s been perfect for hiking and I haven’t had any issues with stability. I really wanted to go with the Colorado Tripod Company but was too eager to wait for it to come off of backorder. The 3LT seemed like a decent compromise between weight, size and price tag.

I shoot with an XT3 and picked up a Sirui AM-254 and a Sunway foto XB-28II ball head. It works well but I do wish it was taller, I do have the center column add on but having to remove the head each time you want to use it is not the most user friendly option. I had tried the Sirui N-1204SK which has an integrated center column but I found the AM-254 to be more solid even with the column retracted. I think the AM-254 is a good option and maybe the best for what I was looking for (price and compact folded size), but it could be taller.