Trouble posting to Guest Critique

Hi there,

I tried to upload my image to a Guest Critique with Eric and I do have some problems. If I go through a link here and fill all the fields, after I click Continue, I don’t see my post anywhere - it seems that it’s not saved at all. And when I go to the New Post button on the top, I see a new way of adding an image to the critique, which don’t include any tag selector, and my image (probably) went into regular critique (I already deleted it). I tried both Safari and Chrome on newest MacOS, but with no luck on either, Does anyone else have the same issue?

EDIT: I wanted to post this one into Site Support category, but failed to do it. I accidentally created it in the Discussions and now I can’t move it to the proper category. :confused:


Very sorry you’re having trouble. Hopefully someone on the site can resolve. But I was able to move/edit your post in to the “Site Support” discussion.

Hopefully @NPN_Editor can help.

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Eeek, it looks as though the tag for Eric’s Guest Critique has disappeared in the effort to tweak the Critique category. Hopefully this gets addressed soon. We need his and the former guest’s back as well.

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Sorry about, this has been fixed, and I have restored everyone’s submissions. I apologize for the confusion!

Hi there, unfortunately I have the same issue as Andrzej. I tried uploading a picture, but it will not go live. Can you maybe help me with uploading it before the deadline passes? Thank you so much in advance :slight_smile:

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Sorry about that Ronja, it has been one of those days where you fix one thing only to break another! This has been fixed and I was able to restore your post. I’m working on everyone else’s right now.

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