Tulip Tree Blossom #2 + Repost

Specific Feedback Requested

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
This was shot on film (maybe Velvia but no notes) and scanned in 2003. It was probably with the medium format Mamiya RZ67. I picked it and shot it inside with studio lights – probably one in a big softbox and two fill lights, against a black BG. I had converted it to B/W at the time but when I thought about putting it up here I went back to the color scan and reworked with today’s software. Not a lot of difference, though. I went with a simpler frame effect this time.

Here is a revision with more contrast in the center of the flower.


This is really sensational, Diane. I love the black background and the soft lighting. The monochrome treatment is really well done too. Framing and positioning are perfect as is the depth of field. Well done.

Velvia and Provia were my favorite slide films back in the day. I hope to spend time doing these types of studio images when I retire…very, very soon.

Oh wow, Diane, this is amazing. So graceful, yet with such presence. The light is, if I may use the term, lickable. Wonderful detail and tonality. Velvia was a wonderful product back in the day. I wish I’d given medium format a go back then, but all I did was 35mm.

HAH – lickable! @Kris_Smith, I LOVE it!!

Beautiful tones…what a range of them! This is just gorgeous

I’m glad you do. I’ve been using it for years on my blog. It’s like that other controversial word…you know it when you see it!

Diane, this is an outstanding look at this Tulip tree bloom and leaves. Your treatment lets the bloom stand out, while showing off the shapes and veins in the leaves.

OK – I’ve already realized there is a tweak to make it better – posted alongside the original. Thanks everyone for enjoying it!

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Well that’s a mighty nice tweak you have there.

Ok Diane this just is not fair. You have created an outstanding Tulip photo and shown us what a medium format film camera, with good lighting and produce. Very nice


Thanks to @Mark_Seaver, for the EP! What a nice surprise! There were some amazing entries!


Very late to the party, but saw this in the EPs scrolling along the top. Beautiful!!

Well deserved EP, Diane. This is absolutely drop dead gorgeous!

Excellent handling of the tones.

… and composition, as well.

This image is stunning! Like the second version. Nicely done!

Thanks everyone!! I’ve been trying to improve on this one ever since shooting it, and haven’t been able to yet.

Beautiful and eye catching. Love the luminance of light.

This is exquisite, Diane. Love the lines and textures; beautiful light as well.