Two from Mammoth

The travertine formations at Mammoth Hot Springs (Yellowstone) are always changing and always colorful. Here are two views from the upper terrace of the runoff from Grassy Spring. The colors relate to the temperature of the hot water. Three years ago, this area was dry and colorless. (5D3, 24-105 @ 85mm, 1/100 s, f/14, iso 100 and 24-105 @ 41mm, 1/160, f/16, iso 100 taken from different locations on the boardwalk)

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Mark: I’ve visited the Mammoth area a number of times but the conditions/light/circumstances weren’t right and so I’m still not satisfied with my results from there. This is a good reminder for me to get back there and be a bit more diligent. I really like the subtle color palette you’ve captured and the atmospherics and play of light on the first image. I might be tempted to crop some from the bottom on the first image to bring more attention to the terracing. >=))>

I quite like the abstract look of the second image. I find my attention is pulled up and out by the right side. I was thinking along the lines of the crop enclosed. To me, it distills down the shape and really emphasizes the colors.

I have also visited the Mammoth area Mark. Fascinating rock formations. You have gotten a lot more detail and color than I did. These formations are harder to photograph well than they seem. Very nicely seen and executed.

Beautiful composition and colors Mark. When I visited the terraces in 2007, they were bone dry. Not so picturesque then. Do you know what makes them sometimes dry and sometimes with water?

I really like the second image. It appears you were battling some steam in the upper part of the first image. I don’t know if running the dehaze filter would make any difference. On the second image, the abstract qualities wonderful color, detail, and textures are quite pleasing.