Unable to post to Alister Benn critique

Hello. For some reason I cannot post to the Alister Benn critique. I uploaded an image and filled out all the fields, but when I click on the “continue” button it takes me back to to the posts page and my post is not there. I am working on a Mac using Firefox, although I tried Safari without success as well.

Hi Dean, I’m sorry you’re having trouble with this, one other person had this issue as well and we’re looking into it. Please send me the image in a direct message and I will post it for you, I can see all the text you submitted so no need to send that. If anyone else is having this problem please let me know!

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@David_Kingham If any images are posted (9/8/2022, 10:00 MDT), they can’t be viewed when clicking “View the Submissions”. Same yesterday.

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Sorry, I don’t follow you Guy, I see all the submissions at that link. Can you clarify?

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@David_Kingham I click on it and nothing happens. No images and no page opens. If I right click and “open in new page” I get this

Using updated today Firefox, Win X.

That is very odd Guy, I don’t think anyone else is having this issue so could you try clearing the cache in your browser?

@David_Kingham Same condition after f5, cntl-f5, and How to clear the Firefox cache link. So the problem is at my end. No big deal. Plus I will be offline for the next few days. I will catch them later. Thanks for looking into it.

Thank you, David. Attached is the image.

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