I was just posting an image and noticed the video icon. I haven’t seen this before. Is this new? Are there certain parameters (file size, length of video, etc.)? Is there a way to search for videos that have been posted?


Nope, it’s not new. it’s an uploader to the NPN Vimeo account and I’ve used it only once. I really need to get to editing! The other questions I can’t answer, but maybe David can chime in when he has a minute.

It’s been around for a while, just not something we need very often. I would ask you not to go crazy with big uploads since it will max out my Vimeo account pretty quickly! If you have something that’s really big you can upload it to YouTube and paste the link here will embed it in the post. Do you have something in mind, Allen?

Thanks for the response, @David_Kingham . I was more interested to see what some of the members might have posted. I rarely take videos and have nothing planned.

I put up a short one here - terribly amateur, but funny.