' Views ' dropped from images

David : I’ve been absent for a while and may have missed an announcement ( apologies if so ) about the number of views being dropped from the images, leaving just the number of replies . Views are still recorded for discussions but I just wonder why no longer for images - I’ve always found that feature quite useful.

The views appear after someone leaves the first comment. Until then, I have never seen that info shown.

Thanks Harley - my mistake. Is it not the case, though, that views used to be shown in the members ’ portfolios even without there being any replies, and they are not now ?


Views has been dropped from all category lists, such as latest, new, and unread. Is that what you mean? You only see views when accessing individual topics. I also noticed that a short while ago. I can guess the reasoning for the change.

Yes, I did drop that recently. I had actually removed views a long time ago but with the new tile view they came back and at the time there was no way to hide them. Finally I am able to remove them again. The view count can be a bit of a popularity contest similar to likes on facebook and instagram, it leads to more views on already ‘popular’ images and less on images with few views. It is still visible inside the post so you can still get an idea, but I felt having it in the main view could cause behavior we don’t want on NPN.