Violet Wood Sorrels

Always a reliable source in my neighborhood. EM1 Mk II, Zuiko 50-200 @200, ISO 200 f/8 -1/3EV

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Lovely image, Bill. I like the arrangement of the two main flowers and the detail in them. The out of focus third flower works well to provide the alternate view without being distracting. Well done.

Bill, this is a fine capture of these small beauties. The details in the main two are great and all three are set off well by the background.

A nice grouping, Bill, with the two main flowers beautifully sharp. For my taste I might like to see the greens in the bg darkened - just a subjective preference.

@Dennis_Plank, @Mark_Seaver and @Ian_Wolfenden, thanks for your comments. Ian, I tend to agree that darkening the surroundings is a good option. That legacy Zuiko 50-200 is for me the most versatile of all 4/3rds lenses I use. Anyone using micro four-thirds would appreciate this lens.

Bill: Nice find and a fine comp and capture. My only suggestion would be to make the empty stem on the left go away but this works for me very well as is. :+1::+1:>=))>

If I may borrow from Bill and Ian’s critique: a really nice group, color and detail; make the stem on the left go away; bring down the luminance of the green, and you will bump these little sweethearts over the top.:+1: