Waking Up

I found this damselfly a couple of mornings ago on a bike ride. He was so little I almost missed him. It looked like he might have spent the night here. He kept looking right at me with kind of a disgusted look on his face but put up with me anyway! I left before he did, so he could have some peace before starting his day!

Specific Feedback Requested

I cropped it over 50% and tried to use noise reduction.
Anything else

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D3400
ISO 1600


Oh, what a nice find, Vanessa. He is staring at you, but maybe he is just a ham! It is so nice that you are able to combine your bike rides with photography. I do like the diagonal of the perch and damselfly. Nice.

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I like your interpretation better than mine @Shirley_Freeman! Yeah, he does kind of look like he’s smiling! I’m glad you think it turned out OK! Do you know what kind of damsefly? I’ve never seen one like this before. I love how his eyes are different shades of blue, it makes me think of the sky and how it goes from light to dark.

I’m afraid I am not good with IDing damselflies. Hopefully someone else on here would know.

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Cool fine Vanessa. The details are just amazing.

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Thanks @Dean_Salman, I know it’s not as good as if it were taken with a macro lens on a tripod. But I’m glad you like it and see the details anyway!

Hi Vanessa, I like the diagonals you captured here and this is a lovely specimen. To me the image has a soft painterly look rather than fine details. I also think running noise reduction on the background would be beneficial.

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Thanks @Allen_Sparks, I think I went as far as I could with the noise reduction, without making the damsefly look strange! My tools don’t let me just do the background unfortunately. Yeah, I agree that it’s definitely not sharp.