Watching me, watching you

Liwonde national Park, Malawi, a Waterbuck. They are a quite common Antelope when there is permanent water. I was on a small boat on the Shire River and this one struck a pose.

Leica monochrom1, Telyt-V 280/4.2 (ca 1970) on Visoflex3


Really beautiful, Jaapv! The black and white really emphasizes the nice detail and texture in the fur and are they called horns or antlers for this animal? My only thought is I would crop it a little bit and maybe vertically to really show all the details better. But maybe you want it to be more of an environmental photo. Really nice!

Thank you for your comment, Vanessa. For Antelope they are horns as they don’t lose them. As for your suggestion, a crop was my alternative treatment but in the end I decided to include the river bank as this is a riparian animal.

Looks quite majestic!
Lower POV from boat really helped the separation of tones.

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