We had just finished up a photo tour in Iceland where we’d seen a lot of reflections. We were just walking back to the car after taking in the traditional views of Kirkjufell when I noticed this reflection, and I liked the few tufts of grass in the front. It was just a different view.

Specific Feedback Requested

Maybe there’s a little too much foreground (rocks). Thoughts?

I know I could also work on removing the cars in the lot that I couldn’t seem to get rid of by composition. At this point I’ve left them hoping they are not too distracting. Are they unbearable (especially now that I mentioned them :grin: ) ?

Any other thoughts?

Technical Details

I’m posting this rather last minute and don’t have those handy, so if you’d like to know just comment and I’ll check for them.

I know I was using my Sony a7c and I’m pretty confident this was taken with my 20mm lens. I processed the RAW in Capture One, and looking at it, I think I used the Deep Sky brush to bring out the texture in the clouds and contrast in the sky.

Note - I thought the image posted might display too large, but it seems to be working okay for me. If anyone has issues, let me know and I can upload a smaller version (1067x1600).

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Karla, this is an amazingly symmetric mountain with its reflection adding to the symmetry. I like the grasses in the foreground, but wonder about cropping most or all of the rocks (maybe an 8.5 x 11 with the rocks and some sky removed…). To me removing the rocks makes a more inviting view. I would clone out the white trailer top and the sign, but the rest of the “human elements” blend in well.

@Mark_Seaver Thanks for the input. I’ll have to see what I can do with those two main items.