Water Reflection Abstract - Weekly Challenge #880

What technical feedback would you like if any? Any feedback that you want to give.

What artistic feedback would you like if any? Any/all.

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Photo of reflection in water.

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

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:+1:…Excellent abstract here, Patricia. The ripples, the tree(s) reflections, the lily pads all work nicely to present a distorted view of the pond scene…:sunglasses:

The only very minor thought for change is a simple content aware or clone out of the yellow leaf in the LLHC. The lily pad there is a eye draw for me.

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I agree with Paul, great abstract @Patricia_Brundage! In addition to his excellent suggestion, I’d consider darkening the bright area along the upper-center-right edge, as well as cloning the little sliver of brightness along the edge below your signature.

Attached is revised image. Your critiques are genuinely appreciated.

WOW, what a difference. My eyes appreciated the changes immediately and were not distracted at all…:+1:

This is a great reflection abstract, Patricia. There are so many interesting bits with the underwater leaves, the branches and the swaths of color. I too was going to suggest a bit of burning-in in the URC, but see that it’s been nicely handled in the repost.

I actually like this a lot, Patricia. Your revision is wonderful. In terms of visual flow, I think the image would be stronger when flipped horizontally so the warm part of the image is on the UR corner. That’s perhaps in part because I tend to enter the image from a cooler part of the image and then go to a warmer part of it. And since I also read from left to right, flipping the image seems to make a lot of sense to me. What do you think?

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Okay, here is the flipped version. Any preferences?

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This last one is pretty much perfect for me. Reminds me of Monet but very distinct on its own right.

I prefer the flipped version, good call @Adhika_Lie! Not only the cool to warm, but the way the branches lean to the right kind of gestures left-to-right.

I, too, prefer the flipped version. Quite a wonderful abstract with gorgeous colors. Very well processed. In the upper right corner in the golden area there is rectangular reflection of different colors. I don’t see any other sharp edged shapes. Once I noticed it, it draws my attention. Also, just curious about what caused it.

This is really great Patricia. I love the color palette and all those squiggly lines and shapes. It’s an abstract yet you clearly know what this is. It seems busy yet it holds together really well. What I find interesting in this composition is in deciding what to include and what to omit. The whole thing is just mesmerizing. There are so many components. You just keep discovering little worlds in there as you study it.

wonderful abstract - love the lines, texturs, and colours.
I have a slight preference for the last version - couldn’t articulate exactly why.

Patricia, you might want to add the tag “880 abstracts” to this post. It will allow users to retrieve you image with the other images of that challenge.