Water Ripples



Ten minutes from home there is a recreational area/park with a large lake. The light was coming from the sun setting and the water ripples created by both the breeze and the nearby boats.

Specific Feedback Requested: In general the impression looking at it and the technique, to see what I could have done better to convey the beauty of the moment.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Canon Power Shot G7 X Mark III
37 mm
1/500 sec
ISO 125

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Hi Marie. I like the ripples a lot. The complementary colors in the grass and water in the foreground is beautiful. The bright BG of the bridge does pull my eyes away from the ripples a little.

Thank you. I wanted lo lead the viewer to the bridge but I should reconsider

Marie, it’s a lovely view, especially with the warmth of the late afternoon light. As presented, the bridge attracts most of the attention. Burning-in the bridge (and it’s reflection) to better match the brightness of the buildings to it’s right, would let the ripples and the lake grab more attention.

I will work on it. Great suggestions

Marie, this version shows much better visual balance between the ripples and the structures. It seems a bit dark now, but that may be what you want as it creates a peaceful mood. When you repost a new version, it’s easiest to compare the before and after by putting the reworked version in the original post (hit the edit button, add description if you want and upload the revised version). If you load the revision above the original it will show in the thumb. It’s also good to add something to the title indicating a second (or third, etc) version.

thank you so much for this. I have never reposted an edit and I was not sure how to. Next time!