Wet Whimbrels & repost

Original post …


Panoramic crop as suggested by some…

Vertical crop of the favored poses of my rock star models! :smiley:

Vertical crop (original post) same birds, different frame…

Last summer went to the Coast. My first photography attempts at beach scenes. I was mainly focused on the animals.

Specific Feedback Requested

I have 2 different takes on this, wondering if landscape or vertical view looks better. Anything else

Technical Details

Nikon D3400, 1/1250, ISO 800, f9, 300mm (450 equivalent) , adjusted exposure, highlights and contrast


I love this photo, Vanessa! It looks like they’re just chilling on the beach, watching the huge waves coming in :wink: It provides a strong sense of presence. On the technical side, I think there is a lot of unnecessary dead space on the bottom so I would recommend cropping it into a panorama. The vertical photo has even more dead space and less of the dramatic waves so I definitely prefer the horizontal version!

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I rather like the vertical with the empty space, but maybe crop a little off the bottom and add some at the top. Also, clone away those spots in the foreground.

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A nice moment you’ve captured here Vanessa! The three birds so close together on the beach seemingly relaxed in the face of such powerful looking waves is a fun contrast.

I prefer the stance of the birds in the landscape orientation – the left bird taking a step forward and the two others looking in different directions is more interesting than their stance in the vertical photo to me. I also think a panoramic crop that would work well for the landscape.

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Both versions have something going for them. I like the closer view of the Whimbrels in the vertical crop, but I find myself leaning to the landscape because of the way the two birds are looking in both directions. I also like the wave pattern in the top image…more dark green with curves.

Maybe a portrait crop of the top image!

How fun to be at the coast and watch and photo those shorebirds.

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Vanessa, I like the horizontal view, it does a great job of showing off the Whimbels and the tumbling surf background and captures the wide open feeling of a quiet beach. That combination really puts me there watching, listening and enjoying.

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Thank you, so much, for your feedback and suggestions @Gary_Minish @Ronald_Murphy @mrbphoto @Mark_Muller @Mark_Seaver ! I really appreciate it. It’s funny, I was actually thinking of doing a panoramic crop to begin with and then wasn’t sure if I liked so much of it cut off, I think @Mark_Seaver likes it with the vaster beach view, as I was thinking of that too. But I can also see how it can look like dead space. I cloned out some of the blurred rocks as you mentioned @Ronald_Murphy . Also how do you like the portrait view @Mark_Muller ? I’m afraid it might have cut off too much of the water, but I do like that the birds are more the subject. It’s probably just a matter of taste I guess… Thanks for looking!

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@Vanessa_Hill , well, I like the the horizontal pano best. There’s something nice about that big wall of waves against those little birds. Just my opinion! Like you said, a matter of taste…yours!

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Nice results with what seems to be a new thing. I can like all of them for different reasons, but one thing bothers me about all of them, and I think it’s what contributes to some indecision about the FG – and that is that the top feels very crowded with those impressive waves. I’m wondering how all would look with just a little more sky added.


I’m enjoying all images very much, but leaning toward the first horizontal. I would certainly consider a head (and reflection) transplant for the first bird, maybe from the last vertical image.

I like Diane’s idea of increasing the canvas on top to give the glorious waves the space they deserve.

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I love the pano of the 3 enjoying each other’s company on the beach, Vanessa. Too cool.

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Thanks @Shirley_Freeman for your kind comments. They really did seem to be enjoying the day!

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Thanks @Diane_Miller and @glennie for your feedback. Here’s the original image of it, I cropped the sky (and also the 4th bird for the challenge! :slight_smile: ) because I thought the sky was kind of boring and there was too much of it but maybe I went too far….

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I like how the new 4th bird and the middle of the trio of birds are looking at each other. This now is very whimsical and fun. So many compositions!

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Thanks @Mark_Muller ! Actually I think I’m liking this one the best too. I should have just put it in landscape and not worried about the challenge! :blush:

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I like this even better now!. Adding the sky and the extra bird has certainly taken the image up a notch. I might consider taking a slice off the bottom and perhaps cloning out the OOF rocks. They draw my eye out of the frame.