Where do you buy your computers?

In another conversation, Anyone have experience with a Lenovo laptop computer?, I and others mentioned purchasing computers at Best Buy. I buy there because the local store is in my home town only about 5 miles away, I get good service, I can talk to someone face to face for either service or sales, I get good prices, they have a good selection, and I don’t have many other options that I know about with these advantages.

However, I’m curious where we photographers buy our computers.

  • Where do you buy and why?

  • What are the advantages over other options?

  • Disadvantages?

  • If you had to do it over again would you go somewhere else?

Matt, for the same reasons you stated, we bought our Lenovo at Best Buy but our Mac at the local Apple store. We have been happy with Best Buy’s set up and service. We did buy an HP several years ago directly on line from HP and that process was an ok experience as well.

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Last winter we bought my wife’s MacBook Air from Best Buy while in Florida, and the folks were at the top of both the knowledge meter and helpfulness meter.

Frankly we tried an hour before to buy from the Apple Store in Naples and came away spitting nails, we were so mad and frustrated with both their service (definitely lack thereof) and wait time. Yes there were a lot of people in there for a couple of classes, but also a lot of sales associates standing around with their fingers in their noses. (Okay, so I’m still feeling starchy about it. :wink:) After 20 minutes or so I finally confronted one of the bystanders in Apple shirts, and was directed to another who told me I’d have to wait a while longer (We lasted a whole half hour) until the “right” associate was available. Total time expended over and hour of standing around trying to decide which of my fingers to stick in my own nose. :japanese_ogre: We left at that point and went directly to Best Buy.

We’ve also bought from Apple online, but of course that’s impersonal. I’ll give the Naples Apple Store 3 years to get their act together, then maybe I’ll stop back by and see what’s what. In the meantime, it’s Best Buy all the way for service and knowledge.

Hokeeeee Dokeeee. Rant over, even if my mad is unrecovered.

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Puget Systems in Auburn, WA.

Custom PC’s of the highest quality, life time, free, in-house tech support.

When you call, the phone is answered by a real person. My longest time on hold was 2 minutes.

Unfortunately, they no longer sell laptops, but their workstations are things of beauty, and are fast, run cool, and are reliable. My PC is 8 years old, and is as quiet and reliable as the day I got it.

Their computers are not inexpensive, but the return on your investment is priceless.

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