Where's the Pot?

Sony A700
Minolta 24-85 @ 26mm, CPL
ISO 200, 1/160 @ f11
Madison, Yellowstone NP
Going to take a different direction with the challenge and present this double rainbow from our trip to Yellowstone in 2011. We were coming back to the campsite from West Yellowstone when a small thunderstorm came barreling through. It was a pretty fast mover and this scene unfolded about two minutes after the rain stopped. I tried my best to get to the pot o’ gold but wasn’t quite quick enough. All comments welcome. >=))>


This is a lovely photo BIll!

That’s an outstanding double rainbow, Bill. I was thinking Yellowstone before I even read your description. One of my pleasures in MT are the quick moving, highly local thunder showers and how they make great rainbows. This shows that off very well.

Bill, the rainbow does a lovely job of counteracting the visual heaviness of the mountain. I like this image, and would say you did get the pot of gold.

The only thing I would suggest is a crop off both sides to remove the trees that are just slightly cut off.

Great shot! The lighting is fantastic here…these are great captures. I struggle with rainbows as I figure they should frame something or lead to something where they “land” as you implied by your comments. With that said, I think this shot is successful in that the rainbow ends at the confluence of light and dark, as well as grass and water. I agree with the cropping comments noted above. Great fun on this one!

Really nice, Bill. I’ve really been checking the edges of my photos lately so I like @Craig_Moreau’s crop.

Sorry you did not get to that pot of gold; but you did the next best thing; you captured this lovely image for everyone to enjoy. I do like @Craig_Moreau’s slight crop for the same reasons. I keep hoping that one of these days I will be fortunate enough to capture a rainbow image. Beautifully done!

Very nice rainbow capture, Bill! I think the scene IS the pot of gold! I like the composition as the rainbow balances the hillside. I think Craig’s crop makes that balance even better and removes the distracting tree. There appears to be a fair amount of chroma noise, especially in the larger version. Maybe a little bit of noise reduction would be helpful.