White ocean

Flat light is something that I used to run away from but now I just adore to shot.
On this image the flat light was important because I did want the eyes to wonder due to the contrast of the rocks, sand and water, not due to sun spot p.e.

It’s a 10s, f/16 ISO 50 at 32mm single tripod exposure

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

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João, this looks great, with a nice touch of inviting mystery from the “mist” and the matching blue tones in the sea and sky. The bit of runoff in the sand adds well to the foreground. This is a very restful and inviting view.

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João, this is a nice seascape, and good use of the flat light. The texture in the water looks good to me, and the runoff in the sand is interesting. To me, the sky doesn’t offer enough interest to take up as much of the frame. It looks like you have detail there, so I think that darkening it a little and bumping up the contrast only in the sky might be helpful. Also, the horizon needs a little CW rotation.

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What’s surprising to me is how much I like the pattern on the sand on the LL corner. Very nicely composed!

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Thank you all.
@Craig_Moreau i didn’t notice the crocked horizon till you mentioned it, well spotted.
There’s something that could be done on the sky for sure, ill try to re-edit and re-post later.
Thanks again,

I agree that the sky is not too interesting as is, but maybe could be improved with curves, or just cropped. I absolutely love the pattern in the sand at the lower left…it adds so much interest in pattern and texture to this lovely shot.I also like very much the shutter speed on the water.