Why I do landscape photography

Nick Page put together a great short video explaining the reasons he does landscape photography and it is the sole reason any of us should be doing it. Ask yourself the reasons why you do it and see how it matches up with Nick’s reasons.

Nick Page Reasons


Sorry for the late reply! =)

I think asking this question of ourselves can elicit all kinds of interesting responses that also then call into question other behavior we engage in in relation to landscape photography… I think it is a great exercise and recommend it for everyone.


Matt, one of the reasons why your podcast is so great is because this topic gets brought up with so many guests. I love hearing all the different reasons and find it super interesting.


Absolutely love that video, couldn’t sum it up better for myself.

Yes ‐ you have to love what you are photographing, whatever it is. Doing landscape you have to want to spend time in it and you can celebrate it with your images. And it is like a meditation and a discipline which makes you see things better: active seeing. And it is a way of sharing all that with anyone who looks at your pictures, or if you look at theirs. When out in the wild with your camera a day goes by and you’ve hardly noticed the time go by! If we have this passion we are very lucky.