Winter in the Tetons

A view I took while snowshoeing on March 1st. There was at least 4 feet of snow on the ground that day. Nothing blown out here and I darkened a few spots on the top for a bit of selective contrast. The locals call the deep blue sky a bluebird sky. It fits.

Nikon D750 Nikon 24-120 , ISO 100, F16, 1/200


Very solid and classic landscape image. The exposure control and processing, colors, etc. all look terrific. Just the right amount of snowy foreground - And I like the case here where the snow looks so clean - details not needed here.

I’m torn about the faint, wispy clouds. It’s either I want to see a bit more, or none (like have more going on like the clouds clinging to the right side peaks.) But the ones in the upper middle are almost like defects, scratches on a print or something. Yeah, I can make they’re clouds; just wishing for more of them. No biggie.

Lovely winter image.


Hi Andrew,
I love the overall feel of the scene and the the smooth crisp snow in the foreground, and agree that the exposure is spot on.

I struggle with the three trees in the foreground though which seem like they could be the subject but then meld into the background trees and, in the case of the one on the left, the trees on the far mountain. I’ve attempted a very quick and dirty hack of lightening the foreground trees while darkening the ones in the background which i hope gives them a bit more separation.!
Edit - trying again to get the upload to work…