Winterized Silvery Groundsel

The Silvery Groundsel is a low growing wild flower of the high plains. It has yellow composite flowers in late spring that are about a centimeter in diameter. This is what it looks like as winter sets in. The bits of spider web are everywhere in the late fall, so I left them in as part of the story for this time of year. This is a 30 shot stack. (R5, 180mm macro, 1/320 s, f/10, iso 800)


Beautiful capture, Mark. I really like the dark background. I’m not familiar with Silvery Groundsel, but have grown a couple other varieties in the family Senecio, mostly Senecio obavatus ( commonly called Golden Ragwort, and whose classification has been changed to Packera). I watched a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher gathering the seed tufts from this wildflower in my yard one day with which to line her nest. Anyway, well seen and captured.

Mark, you too are encouraging me to give focus stacking a try. This is really nice. Such details in the flowers, the lighting is wonderfully sweet, and the BG just makes it all stand out nicely. The position of each flower head just balances the image nice. I can’t think of a thing to improve this shot.

Truly lovely, Mark, as always. Very nicely done.

Amazing photo Mark with the sharpless and light. It is amazing. Great image

A very cool image and well done (technically)! I love the fact that you chose to leave the spider webs in as I feel that they add to the story, rather than having a sterile ‘still life’ image.

Mark, Beautiful image with excellent stacking. Love the contrast between the golden flower pods and the dark background. Reminds of of Wabi-Sabi concept with weatherbeaten flower still showing its beauty.

Wonderful subject, lighting, composition and stacking – gorgeous detail!

As others have commented, I like the beautiful light, repetition and detail. The muted BG emphasizes the subject

I like that this is not your standard pretty flower.