Wooden Knobble

A nodule on the side of a fallen pinon pine located near the Jumbo Rock area of JTNP.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Mamiya RB67 ProSD - Mamiya “C” 140mm macro lens - Hoya CP - Velvia 50


I’m really enjoying this one Paul. I love the warm color tones you brought out in this image. Great use of framing by using the bark on both corners as well. But that nodule is the star of the show and has great texture and movement. The lines and swirls are incredible. You have pretty good depth of field too with only a small amount of falloff in the LLC and URC which don’t bother me at all. This is well seen and captured.

I agree with @David_Haynes, this is really nice. I like the abstract feel and the swirls of the knot. Works on all side. Well done.

Paul, the textures and colors in this view are excellent. I’m thoroughly enjoying the “elephant’s trunk” (or maybe that’s a winking owl) look of the knot.

Beautiful look at the wood grain and rich colors. Really well done, Paul.

@linda_mellor @bryannelsonca @David_Haynes @David_Bostock @Mark_Seaver @Harley_Goldman
Thank you each for your reviews and comments on this Closeup / Macro take on this weathered old pine. I find that getting down close to objects on the ground has become a bit harder with age but there are unending subjects everywhere if we just look down more often.
We had an expert Macro photographer on NPN #1 that was as good as they come. Sadly, I do not recall his name but as I recall he was located in the upper mid west maybe? I think he actually had some nice E-Books when those were in their infancy too.
Thank you all once again for the comments.
@Mark_Seaver , I’d missed the elephant face there…good eye.

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