Yeti Sandal Track

Yeti - Abominable Snowman - Sasquatch - Big Foot…or maybe just Homer Simpson’s sandal print…:crazy_face:
Photographed near the Stovepipe Wells area in DVNP.

Wista DXIII 4x5 - Schneider APO 210mm - Velvia 50 QL.

Does look like foot print, Paul. Well seen and nicely processed. One tiny nit: There is a pebble in the dark sand near the LRC on the right edge that grabs my eye. I like the warm tones, here.

@Preston_Birdwell…thank you for the review and comment. Totally agree on the pebble. I thought I took it out, but there it is… :crazy_face:

If I view this from left to right I see the outlines of a bare foot. If I look from mid right up toward the top I see the a foot print. Interesting design that holds the viewer’s interest. Nicely done.

Looks like Yeti is wearing Vibram soles. Great patterns and textures. Nicely done.

Paul, this is a great find. I believe that it is a boot print that has aged very well. Note, in particular, the sharp line along the top of the heel. If I’d have been there, I’d have looked for a right foot print about 3 feet ahead or behind this one. In a million years, some archeologist might find this and declare it a human trackway. :wink:

Paul: Were you looking around while shooting this to make sure you weren’t being stalked :wink:? Really good find and a fine capture. I expect the 4x5 transparency is spectacular. Are you still shooting your LF? >=))>

@Bill_Fach… Bill, thank you for the comment on this image. It was a bit whimsical with respect to this HUGE sandal looking print. I was out at the dunes in DVNP with my 4x5 to photograph the dunes one evening when I came across this dried mud pattern.

And yes, I still use 4x5 very often alternating with my RB67 every other week. In fact, I will be using the 4x5 again tomorrow morning at J-tree NP for the sunrise cycle.