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What a great colors and fine forms. I like that small point in the front. It’s the eye-catcher to me. So it’ s in a very clever place. As I then must give some comment. The right above corner is a bit dark, bur who cares? A well made image.

Larry, I like the composition here a lot, it is very clean simple, and you made great use of diagonal lines. I also like the color contrast between the dunes and background mountain.

I am bothered by the foreground dune being completely out of focus, to me it is distracting. You did not list any image information with your post so without knowing your focal length or aperture used, it is hard to offer suggestions on what you might have done differently to avoid this issue. At an aperture like f11 or f16, you could have focused on the near dune, and kept the rest of the image acceptably sharp, or you might have tried focus stacking multiple brackets to get everything in focus, front to back.